Simple psychological tools and insights to enhance the way you live, lead and play

Life is messy.
And then it’s beautiful and then it’s amazing and then it’s messy again.

How do we live well with all this uncertainty? How can we lead others, when we feel out of our depth? How can we create meaningful experiences, for ourselves and the ones we love?

I’m Dr Sarb Johal

I’m here to bring a psychological lens to the way we live, lead and play.

I share useful tools and insights to help you live well with uncertainty, discover your strengths, communicate more effectively and get curious about this human experience.

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Meet Sarb

Dr Sarb Johal is a clinical psychologist, consultant, speaker and media commentator who turns complex psychological theory into useful insights that can transform your everyday life and work.

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You’re in good company

“Sarb helped us strike the right tone, ensuring that New Zealanders knew exactly what they needed to do.” – Katie Brown, Unite Against COVID-19

Sarb’s insightful, relevant and relatable work makes psychosocial support applicable and understandable for ordinary Kiwis. He is a positive and upbeat presenter and his memorable presentations generate excellent feedback. I would recommend his services to anyone in emergency management.

Sarb is authentic and puts things into perspective in a direct way, using simple language that is easily understood and implemented. I have recommended his services to others working in emergency management and welfare.