We live in an ever changing world

How can we stay connected, when so much threatens to divide us?

How do we live well and stay well, in the face of uncertainty?And how can we fill our 30,000 days on planet Earth (if we’re lucky) with joy, purpose and meaning?

I’m Dr Sarb Johal

And if you’re fascinated by questions like these, you’re in the right place.

I’m an author, writer, speaker and broadcaster with an insatiable curiosity about this human experience. I love to unpack why humans think and behave the way they do and how you can be well, live well and experience more joy and meaning in life – no matter what happens next.

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Finding calm

How do you deal with your anxieties and fears when there is so much uncertainty in our world? Finding Calm is for anyone wanting to strengthen their capacity to ride life’s ups and downs — with more steadiness, ease and a sense of groundedness.

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In the age of misinformation, we need more signal and less noise.

That’s why I created Noise Reduction - my personally curated selection of the most innovative, intriguing and inspiring content from around the web. It’s your weekly dose of joy, solace and brain food, delivered straight to your inbox.

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You’re in good company

“Sarb helped us strike the right tone, ensuring that New Zealanders knew exactly what they needed to do.” – Katie Brown, Unite Against COVID-19

Sarb’s insightful, relevant and relatable work makes psychosocial support applicable and understandable for ordinary Kiwis. He is a positive and upbeat presenter and his memorable presentations generate excellent feedback. I would recommend his services to anyone in emergency management.

Sarb is authentic and puts things into perspective in a direct way, using simple language that is easily understood and implemented. I have recommended his services to others working in emergency management and welfare.