Vietnam Travel 2019 – Unbelievable Hanoi traffic!

Day 2 in Vietnam, and I’m in traffic. It’s only 7am but already the roads are buzzing.


The trick is not to cross it directly.

Instead, go with the flow of the traffic and adjust your course with the stream, edging closer to your destination, and paying attention when the traffic parts to let you through. Clearly signal your intention. Don’t make any sudden moves, and you should be ok. I only saw two people fall off their scooters, but it was very wet and the roads were greasy. But if you look at the traffic accident rate in Vietnam, its pretty much up there at 24.5 fatalities per 100,000 people, compared with 2.9 in the UK and a (disturbingly) high 8.5 in New Zealand.

Traffic lights and zebra crossings – these mean very little unless you are one of the very main junctions coming into or out of the Old Quarter. Traffic lights seems to be a bit better observed in the French Quarter but I can only judge that on a relative basis compared to elsewhere in the city. Check out this day’s blog in Hanoi, walking around, eating Pho, checking out Hoan Kiem Lake and the Museums, and lots and lots of street scenes and a final time-lapse near St Joseph’s Cathedral.

There’s a little footage section on Pho Thin too, an excellent Pho place in Hanoi that just does one dish, and does it very well indeed. So well, that I went back another two times after checking out the Lonely Planet recommendation.

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