Let’s not be scared witless

When a new hazard like #COVID19 appears and creates a sense of loss of control, people will do their best to restore it. That can include ignoring it, wilfully disobeying advice as to how to best deal with it (if you distrust the source), and stockpiling – if you fear scarcity. When we are fearful, we go binary. This place is unsafe/safe. This person is unsafe/safe. This group of people is unsafe/safe. This is an attempt at regaining control, to make ourselves feel like we have pinpointed the source, so we can manage exposure & be less scared. It also means we feel like we have less need to change our own behaviour. Instead, focus on stories of solidarity; examples of pro-social behaviour; people helping each other out; the high proportion of people who are ill but survive.

Yes, it’s scary.

But we don’t have to be scared witless.

Pause. Connect with others. Take care.

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