Why people don’t wash their hands, or F*(! you, I won’t do what you tell me

Here’s the article I wrote for TheSpinoff today:

Here’s an excerpt, but do them a favour and click on the link above for the full article:

If you’re considering how the Covid-19 virus could affect you and your loved ones personally and wondering how you can minimise your chances of being infected, then you probably already know that washing your hands clearly helps. Yes, hand sanitisers can also help too, but hand washing has broader benefits.

So if we know this works, why did a study find that 28% of commuters in five different cities had faecal bacteria on their hands? Why do people say they wash their hands much more often that they actually do? Why do people wash their hands less when they think no-one is looking? And why do campaigns to increase hand washing often show results that are well, disappointing to say the least.

So why don’t people wash their hands effectively and consistently?

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