WEBINAR: Useful Psychology Tools & Strategies for the Coronavirus Pandemic

If you work in psychologically-informed ways, in comms, strategic comms, health, welfare, HR, emergency management, central Government or local Government,

then I recommend you watch this

In this webinar, kindly hosted by HealthCare New Zealand last week, I go over the main points of the Psychosocial Support Framework in New Zealand, as well as comparing what we learned after the Canterbury Earthquake sequence, and what we have experienced so far in the COVID-19 response.

You’ll learn about the framework I developed recently in Communicating for Psychological Experience, and how I used this to offer advice and guidance to the NZ Government on their communications during Alert Level 4 of the COVID-19  ‘lockdown’ in New Zealand.

I talk about the importance of collective efficacy and collective action, as we come together to tackle the challenges managing the impacts of the coronavirus itself, and the measures designed to limit its spread. I go on to discuss the importance of restoring a sense of agency, co-determined future plans, as well as highlighting some of the challenges that lie in store as we emerge into a different phase of the challenge.

Finally, I outline my understanding and what I have learned so far, and how we need to step up to this disruptive change in our lives with equally transformative systemic change.

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