INDOOR Virtual Tour with Labpano Pilot One TESTED = PROBLEMS!

In this video, I’ll be testing the INDOOR Virtual Tour function of the Labpano Pilot One 8k 360 camera. And I think you’ll find the results more than a little surprising. The Pilot One promises to take most of the Virtual Tour multistage processes and different platforms hassle away to leave you with a very simple solution to getting a VirtualTour photographed, uploaded, hosted and processed on an integrated PilotTour platform and shareable and embeddable on another website, very quickly indeed. Well, that’s the theory anyway. So when I got the camera back home I tried hitting upload. And I got this. Which was unexpected. Let me walk you through exactly what I found.


Virtual Tours with the Labpano Pilot One 8k TESTED

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If you’re interested in buying the Pilot One – using my affiliate link would really help me out – here it is, and thank you!

Link to Virtual Tour at Raglan Roast Cafe, Abel Smith St, Wellington NZ.

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