UNEXPECTED Insta360 One R Mic Test Result: Airpods Pro vs BeatsX

In this video I’m going to do an audio test to compare the sound you can capture using Apple Airpods Pro and the BeatsX headsets on your One R video, compared to the internal mic. The ability to attach the AirPods was promised by Insta360 One R and has now been fully enabled. So, I thought I would test the premium Apple product the AirPods Pro to see how they shaped up in terms of audio quality as a mic on the Insta360 One R. But I also wondered if the W1 chips in the BeatsX that allows it to be used seamlessly between Apple Devices also works with the Insta360 One R.

And the BeatsX are a lot cheaper too.

At about 1/3 of the price of the AirPods Pro – which in my opinion is a phenomenal deal. And the good news the BeatsX connects just fine over bluetooth, just like the Apple AirPods do Let’s start with the 4K set up with the Insta3760 R up here on our balcony, with the internal Mics, then we’ll go to the Airpods Pro, and then we will go to the BeatsX I’ll first test them close up. And then I’ll walk 5 metres away to the end of the area up here in the house, and see how well the One R can still pick up the sound. You’ll be able to judge the mic performance and sound quality for yourself.

Insta360 One R First Impressions: AWESOME or AWFUL? https://youtu.be/6O1cpDE_7HA

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