If you’re in Comms right now, don’t assume people remember Alert Level behaviours

Listening to the radio this morning, I’m hearing that authorities and officials expect that people have a clear memory of what they are required to do at Alert Levels 3 and 2. And talking with friends and family on social media and email, it’s clear that they don’t have these clear memories about what they did, or what the rules are.

So, if you are working in comms right now, be specific.  Be clear. Be concrete. Double-check your information before you put it out – your memory might not be so great either – not your fault, that’s just how memories can be.

Understand that telling people just do what you did last time isn’t helpful. Don’t just point people towards a website. Understand that by putting out information, (or through just telling people to do what they did before), you are building a relationship, not just communication information (or lack of it). And with that relationship, you build trust.

Take the time, and start from the ground up. Don’t assume too much prior knowledge. People may have it, for sure – it just might take a while to feel able to access it and be able to act on it again.

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