How do people feel about changes in Alert Level? Twitter poll with 1000+ responses

Today, I’be been running a Twitter poll asking people how they were feeling about what’s happening now with Alert Level changes, and what might be announced later this evening. Twitter only gives you 4 poll options, so I gave people these choices: Anxious – what’s next, Disappointed – How?!, Angry – WTF!, and We can do this – again!

With less than an hour to go until the Prime Minister starts her Press Conference to announce the Cabinet decision, here’s where the votes on my Twitter poll fell – over 1000 people participated in the poll.

Yes – there is some anxiety out there that will hopefully be addressed by the announcement this event. But the majority of people seem to be confident of being able to come together to stamp out the spread of COVID19 in our country again. As someone said in response to the poll, ‘it is what it is, and we can do it again’.

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