My First Book is Coming: Steady – Keeping Calm in a World Gone Viral

For the past 6 months I have been busy. As well as a number of other projects, creating videos, scripts, and more, I have been writing a book.

My first book. And it was ambitious.

What started as an attempt to document what I did during the first lockdowns in New Zealand to advise the NZ Government and to advise people trying to get through the early stages of the pandemic evolved into something else. What I wrote is an attempt to distill 16 years of advice for better mental health and wellbeing and strategic communication principles at the intersection between emergency management and disaster psychology.

And, thanks to a team that I have built around me to support this project, it’s almost ready…

Today, I’m proud to announce “Steady: Keeping calm in world gone viral.”

A guide to better mental health during and beyond the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s going to get a global release, and you’ll start to see it available in all good bookshops, online, and hopefully in actual bookstores soon. At the moment, it is scheduled to be available around mid-to-late January, and you can pre-order it now on my website if you live in New Zealand, and all around the world very soon.

Watch out for promotions and opportunities to get hold of an early copy, and stay tuned for reviews and news about the book as we move towards publication, and possibly a book launch party too!


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