Talking about Steady on the RunRunLive! Podcast – Out Now

A few years ago, I was a regular contributor to the long-running RunRunLive! podcast, run by Chris Russell over in Massachusetts in the USA.

This was back in the day when I was running marathons and ultra-marathons.

That all stopped with Daia (who is now 3) came along, with my last big even being the Hanmer Alpine Marathon at the end of 2016. That coincided roughly with my last appearance on the show. I must have known Chris for a decade or so now, and he’s incredibly knowledgeable and has spent much time and energy encouraging the running community at all levels. So it was a lovely surprise when he reached out and contacted me about coming on the show again to talk about my new book, “Steady: Keeping calm in world gone viral”.

We talked about mental health during lockdown, and a few other things besides. Have a listen here – and thanks again Chris for the opportunity – was great to be on the show again – and this time, seeing you over a Zoom connection for our conversation. Life comes at you fast. Even if right now time can feel like it’s dragging on for many people.

Take care out there.


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