Covid-19 case in Northland – Keep using the QR code

The investigations into a case in Northland is likely to cause concern and spark anxiety and / or worry for many people. It’s probably going to be a couple of days before authorities gather enough information to make firm decisions about what meaningful action to take next.

In trying to figure out what you can do in response to this new Covid-19 case in the community, it’s worth remembering people tend to have a blind spot for dangers that have a long lead-in time.

The fact that the coronavirus can be present in the community for days before people start testing positive is important. This means it is absolutely critical that people are using the app to check-in as this contributes to understanding how and where the virus may have been transmitted in the days preceding detection.

“We don’t need to use the app because we don’t have Covid-19 here,” is a false argument.

The virus may well be present – it just hasn’t been detected yet.

By using the app, you are making a valuable personal and community contribution to being able to tackle any outbreak swiftly, should one occur.

Make sure QR codes are available, visible (in colour, as it is a memorable reminder of the Covid19 campaign) , easy to access and ideally displayed in multiple places in premises.

And remember, switching on the bluetooth functionality of the app doesn’t mean you don’t have to scan anymore. You still have to scan even with bluetooth on. The bluetooth helps gather information about who you may have been in close proxiimty to – not where you were.

In using the app and turning bluetooth one, this woman was a champion, a teacher and a leader. Be one too #belikeNorthlandcase

You have influence. Use it. Scan the QR code. By doing it, you encourage others to do so too.

Use the QR codes, no matter where you are in New Zealand – our response may depend on it.

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