“What would you know?”

“WHAT WOULD YOU KNOW?” is a question I’ve been asked a few times recently, especially from my British friends. Writing my book from here in New Zealand where we have managed to get through the pandemic so far with relatively few cases, how can I provide information that might be useful to those who find themselves in very different situations?
I came across the very kind and detailed review of my book from the writer running the “How to Hygge the British Way” blog which might help to answer the, “what would I know question”.

“Throughout the book, Sarb intersperses his own experience as a human with his knowledge as a psychologist.

“It’s a really incredibly dense book, by which I mean that there’s information and advice on every page, in every chapter and every bit of it is quality.

“After yesterday’s breakdown, this book was the one I needed to read. Like the best box of chocolates, it’s not one to be eaten and digested in one whole chunk, but to be read slowly (I will be taking notes) and slowly incorporated into life.”

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