How Quickly can the UK Variant of the Coronavirus Spread in a School Environment?

The latest Auckland outbreak and the associated Level 3 restrictions can give us a clue as to just how transmissible the UK variant of the coronavirus can be in a school environment.

This concerns me.

The big bang approach to schools re-opening in England on March 8 was first going to be supported with mandatory masking – but this measure was rapidly back-pedalled and its clear that this is going to be option. This is troubling. Not only will mixing with relatively low levels of precautionary measures be applied, but the wider population are starting to show signs of lowering their guard as the vaccine rollout continues. Hotspots of new infection are being detected. The vaccine is being perceived as a solution rather than as an additional protective measure. As I blogged earlier, low risk is not no risk.

Take care out there.

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