6 Tips to Help You Stick to Alert Level Guidance

In conditions of uncertainty, or when we are not entirely sure how to act or what to think, we look to others for cues on what we should be doing.

This is where we all need to act as leaders.

To practise physical distancing, to wear a mask if we can. To wash our hands. To keep using the QR code scanner app at all times. To remain kind and courteous to others, even though this current alert level change might be a big inconvenience in our lives with big consequences too.

Remember that the goal is the return to some kind of normal living, bar the international travel, as soon as possible and this is only going to happen if we all play our part.

Unfortunately, looking to others can also play out in the opposite direction to our goals. The more we witness people breaking the rules and regulations with little perceived cost, the more likely it is that we will also be tempted to breach rules and regulations: If everyone else is doing it, why can’t I do it too?

Be realistic and intentional about what you need to do to play your part. Work hard on your wellbeing.

We can still be civil, adopt the appropriate manners for our situation, and wait it out.

Here’s my infographic on how you can strengthen you resolve when uncertainty re-appears and we need to make a re-commitment to keeping each other safe.

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