MY NEW BOOK! The Little Book of Sleep is here

I have exciting news!

My new book is here and it will help you to SLEEP EASY again.

The Little Book of Sleep is a quick read, and absolutely PACKED full of tips.

Find out how you’re RUINING your sleep. I know that my sleep was not good – and it was one of the reasons why I wrote this book. Once I sat down and looked at the evidence about how I was sabotaging my own sleep, I took action and saw IMMEDIATE results.

Over the past two months, my deep sleep has been TRANSFORMED. Here’s what happened…

Studies have shown that an adult requires 1.5 – 1.8 hours deep sleep per night. Most people spend 10-30% of their sleep time in deep mode. I have been getting an average of 3 hours deep sleep every night: a HUGE 37%!

In The Little Book of Sleep I’ll SHARE what you need to MAXIMISE your chances of a great night’s sleep.

Get ANSWERS to the most popular questions people like you are asking about on Google, Youtube and Amazon.

This book is for you if you are wondering:

  • How important is sleep?
  • How can you sleep better?
  • How can you sleep better after drinking alcohol?
  • How much sleep do you really need?
  • How can you sleep less?
  • How can you sleep faster?
  • Can meditation help you sleep better?
  • How can you sleep better in the summer?
  • How can you sleep if you have anxiety?

The Little Book of Sleep is full of simple actionable advice for anyone wanting to learn how to get better sleep.

And it’s AVAILABLE NOW on Amazon.

One thought on “MY NEW BOOK! The Little Book of Sleep is here

  1. Suzanne Hoyt says:

    Hi Sarb, I recently attended your webinar for Mental Health Awareness week and then followed up be going onto your website to get your book about sleep. However, I discovered today when it arrived that I had ordered the wrong book. (I received Steady). I see now that while on the page on your website about the Sleep book I clicked on ‘Buy the book” and bought the book without noticing that it was the sleep book under that tab but instead Steady.
    I’ve now been online and see how I made the mistake as I was rushing and not paying careful attention. I know it says ‘Available on Amazon’ but I am trying hard to support local bookshops so went instead to your Buy the Book tab.
    I am sure I will enjoy Steady and I will talk to my local bookshop to see if they can get your Sleep book in for me.
    Although it may just be me, I thought you would like the feedback that it was a bit confusing and, for me, a bit disappointing when I saw the package but not the Sleep book arrive.
    Warm regards, and I look forward to your little Book on Sleep.

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