Steady now FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited – Please Share!

It’s tricky trying to do what you love and also make a living.

And although I’m busy doing what I love, the ‘making a living’ thing is proving to be a quite the challenge to crack.

I’ve discovered that I love writing. Not academic writing: I can do it, but I wouldn’t describe my relationship with that as love. What I mean is writing columns, blogs, and now books. And this is all about trying to bring my experience and analysis to shine a light on problems that people are experiencing, and helping them to develop solutions.

Balancing this love with actually getting paid is hard. And I’m still working at it. But it will not stop me from sharing my work.

And I really need your help here too.

For the next 3 months, I’ve made my book, Steady, free to read on Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

This is a way that you can subscribe to Amazon books and choose from an enormous selection of books to read for a monthly fee.

But here’s the glorious news if you haven’t tried Kindle Unlimited before:

You can get a free trial of Kindle Unlimited

With the recent outbreak in Victoria, Australia, Covid-19 case numbers on the rise in the UK again, and Dr Fauci warning the USA that they are not through the coronavirus pandemic yet, I hope my book is useful to many.

So, please share the link below so that people can read my book FOR FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Make use of the link yourself. And if you could leave a review on Amazon / Goodreads as a thank you, I’d very much appreciate that.

Remember, this is a trial to see how this goes for the next 3 months.

This FREE offer won’t last forever.

So please share it on with those who you think might benefit from reading it.

Thank you.


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