Covid19 Case Tests Positive After Returning From Wellington: Keeping Safe

While we wait patiently for more information about possible Covid19 transmission in Wellington to be collated, prepared and released, let’s figure out how we can continue to be ready for this scenario as it unfolds, and if it happens again.

If your scanning has dropped off – and for the majority, it has – this is another wake-up call about why we need to keep QR code scanning. Time travel isn’t possible. We can’t go back and start scanning. Start scanning now and KEEP DOING IT.

You don’t know when then next possible infection scenario will unfold. You can’t see the virus, you can’t know where people have been. All you can do is leave a breadcrumb trail so this can be pieced together later to hopefully avoid lockdowns.

QR code scanning is laying breadcrumbs

If you don’t make a trail, we can’t see where the trails may have crossed or come into close contact easily. It can be done, but it takes more time. And in that time, the more infections virus may spread.

Save time. Save lockdowns. Scan.

Consider wearing a mask. You’ve got nothing to lose and we all have potentially a lot to gain. Keep watching and listening for places of interest as we find out more to understand how any potential path of infection may have crossed your breadcrumb trail.

We can work through this. Take care out there.

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