Heading South

Over the last few days I’ve had the privilege of traveling down south to Twizel and Timaru for a couple of meetings. This was a postponed trip from a couple of weeks ago, when we had both bad weather in the area I was traveling to, and a possible outbreak of the coronavirus in Wellington which we were trying to manage.

In the meantime, I had run a webinar session for the Timaru Hospital Grand Round, but it was good to be talking in person to the community.

First stop after flying into Timaru and then driving across the country (just lovely – check out the photos interspersed in this blog entry), was Twizel.

Tekapo on the way to Twizel
More Tekapo, before the clouds came in

I caught up with the organisers who kindly sponsored and hosted me for this trip – South Canterbury DHB and Mackenzie District Council – and then had a community session at the Events Centre discussing the mental and social health challenges. Lots of gear questions, comments and lively discussion after I’d finished my session, and then a light supper for further chats too. 

Find the full article in the Twizel Update here.

Up early the next day to head back to Timaru at dawn

Just after dawn

There wasn’t a frost so the roads were in good condition, and I made great time to the hospital. I had another interesting discussion with a group interested in discussing the stresses and strains of the last 16 months and what may be yet to come in the context of suicide prevention. 

Caroline Bay in Timaru

All in all, a really engaging and interesting time for me, and I hope I developed some value for all the participants in the discussions we had and presentations I gave.

If you would like to engage me to talk with you or your organisation about how I can help you understand the possible mental and social consequences of how we move through this pandemic and beyond, please get in touch.

I’d love to talk with you

Another terrible work day
Flying home

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