Terror Attack in Auckland Today

With the terrible news of the terror attack in Auckland this afternoon, there will be a desire to understand what has happened and why.

This is a normal reaction to a terrible event

While we can’t control what has happened, we can control the amount that we are exposed to repeated talk about it that adds little value, or exposing ourselves to repeated imagery or video too. Be careful not to expose young people and children inadvertently to this either. Little ears hear very well and can jump to conclusions that make children feel unsafe. But yes, they may know something has happened. Keep your explanation simple, short, and make sure they know they are safe.

We are already frazzled through being in lockdown, and our headroom, or adaptive capacity, to deal with more stress is less that it would otherwise be. You may feel scared, alone, and wonder what lies in store in the future. Again, these are normal reactions to a horrible event.

Remember, police officers were on hand to deal with the threat as quickly as they good in these awful circumstances. Responders gave care to those who were injured as soon as possible. Those who rushed to assist were present and did their job in that moment.

My thoughts and sympathies with those injured in this attack, their loved ones, and those who witnessed this terror. Please take care, reach out for help if you need it. 1737 is a good first point of contact to get trained help.

And please, go easy on yourselves, each other, and those who perhaps share the same nationality / community as the perpetrator, but have nothing else to do with this attack.

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