Do the mahi, get the treats

With Auckland at Level 3 and Covid-19 cases still in the community, our behaviour is more important than ever in staying on top of the spread of the virus. What we choose to do *does* make a difference.

What YOU do makes a difference

If you hate lockdowns and you want to have a glorious summer with lots of choices and options about where you go and who you spend time with, stick to the public health advice. Who knows what might happen once we open further to the world into 2022? If things go one way, we may have trouble booking anywhere to stay as fully vaccinated tourists book up our holiday spots. If they go another way, we may have restrictions as we struggle to contain outbreaks popping up around the country. It’s possible we may even experience both those scenarios.

The behaviour we engage in now can have a major influence on our future path. Don’t break your bubble at Level 3, wear masks, wash hands, stay physically distant, and get a vaccine, and then get the second dose too. As many people as possible.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away.

Do the work, get the treats

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