Get the vaccine to get on with life

The uncertainty equation is changing. Before, we had the strategy of elimination and the comfort of the original, simple, Alert Level system. You’ve heard it before, and I’ll say it again: Delta is changing all this.

We know that secondary stressors – the effects of all that we do to keep the primary threat (Covid-19) at bay – can add up so that they become a significant parallel problem. It’s not either / or the virus and the measures taken to eliminate the virus: it’s now both. As I said in my previous post, we need to ensure that we carefully consider the next steps so that we don’t give up all the gains we have made, and jettison our most effective tactics while transitioning to a new strategy.

What can we do?

Recognise that this inflection point is hard. People are apprehensive and grieving for the security that the old Alert Level system brought us protection and comfort for so long. Make no mistake, it is hard to let go. I feel it too. It’s hard to watch people go about their lives as if they know best and that public health advice – and indeed Orders – are for other people. It’s infuriating.

Recognise that whatever we are transitioning to will, at heart, be a process designed to protect us and each other and empower us to get on with our lives. Recognise that hard decisions like mandatory vaccination for workers that come into contact with the most vulnerable of our communities may have to be put on the table for discussion.

Understand that the rest of 2021 and into 2022 will be difficult. But also understand that there are many, many good people helping and working on solving these problems in the background. Thousands of them, as well as everyone doing their best to join in the collective effort to help us move safely through this pandemic to what happens next.

We kiwis, whatever our culture, community or faith, must unite in the genuine qualities that connect us:

to look out for each other and to get on with life

Recognise that as many people getting the vaccine as possible is the surest way for people to get on with their lives. Getting the vaccine (2x) protects both lives – yours and those around you – and livelihoods too.

Because that’s surely the outcome we are aiming for now – protecting ourselves and each other, freeing us to get on with our lives.

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