Omicron incoming

Prepare for surging case numbers over the next days to come. It will take some time for us to come to terms with this changing reality. Already, people are coming forward to be tested in greater numbers in Auckland – this will probably increase the number of identified cases in days to come.

What can you do? First, get boosted if you have become eligible. Some people may try to time their booster with where they think the maximum risk may be present in their community. Whatever your reason, all the public health advice is to NOT DELAY any longer. Get boosted NOW if you are eligible. Two shots do not appear to be an effective protection against Omicron.

Next, Check in on those around you. Listen to what they are experiencing, and if they need help, see how you can help safely.

Don’t forget to check in with yourself. Be kind to yourself when things go wrong or if you didn’t get everything on your list done today. Make sure you’re taking time to relax and unwind — and if you need help, please ask.

Choose consideration towards yourself and others. In our daily lives, we understand that being considerate is the oil that greases the wheels and helps us to get through. Remember, life can be tough for everyone and we never know what another person may experience, so when you can be considerate, take that option.

Pause before reacting. In uncertain times, it’s easy to feel stressed, irritated and to lash out at others, and that can make a tough situation worse. Try to pause and breathe before reacting, and consider whether you really need to make that comment. If you end up in an argument with people close to you, try to address the rift as soon as possible, so that resentments don’t fester.

Consider how you can help the most vulnerable. Ina crisis there is a risk that existing inequalities become entrenched and new ones emerge. Consider what you can do to help, either directly or indirectly, those in the community who may be vulnerable or struggling. For example, you could make a food parcel to leave on someone’s doorstep, or you could donate money to a local support agency.

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