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Now we are out of lockdown, is continued anxiety a thing?

At the core of returning to a more social life, there may linger a sense of persistent anxiety for some. There’s some indication that at least the short term as we emerge out of lockdown, a higher proportion of people may experience anxious feelings. But it’s important to remember that experiencing some anxiety is normal.

Quarantine, travel bans, and historical racism

Unfortunately, the wave of xenophobia that was seen in Canada during the 2003 Sars outbreak is being somewhat replicated, but this time within the context and amplification of a 2020 social media media environment, and inter-linking platforms. 

Who cares? What’s the point? podcast now on Anchor

What’s so great about Anchor?

Well, I think it will help to distribute the 5 seasons of the podcast to different, wider audiences, but it also gives listeners to opportunity to leave me a voice message with their thoughts about the podcast.

Cool, huh? If you want to give it a try, head on over to my podcast page over at Anchor . Leave me a message – tell me what you think