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Terror Attack in Auckland Today

With the terrible news of the terror attack in Auckland this afternoon, there will be a desire to understand what has happened and why. This is a normal reaction to a terrible event While we can’t control what has happened, we can control the amount that we are exposed to repeated talk about it that […]

MC’ing NOTION_fwd event on Feb 25 / 26 in Auckland

This is EXCITING I’ll be MC’ing a very special hybrid LIVE conference on 25-26 February, showcasing the NOTION-fwd platform, designed to provide a place to meet, engage and mobilise in order to redefine the role of building and housing in today’s New Zealand. I’ve seen the speaker list and the schedule and design of the […]

4 new cases in Auckland: Act Responsibly, Act Swiftly. Act Together.

We have a limited window to get this right again. And it will probably happen again after this too. This will be the pattern. Be prepared. Take effective action. Do it now. React responsibly and swiftly, with small actions that added up can save us from suffering even bigger consequences.