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​​We have complex feelings about the pandemic response right now. Here’s why.

Impending doom and an overwhelming sense of grief for all that we may have lost, even as the pandemic has played out over the last 20 months in New Zealand. This is the gist of just some conversations and expressions I’ve heard over the past few days.  Why are we feeling like this? Why now? […]

6 Tips to Help You Stick to Alert Level Guidance

In conditions of uncertainty, or when we are not entirely sure how to act or what to think, we look to others for cues on what we should be doing. This is where we all need to act as leaders. To practise physical distancing, to wear a mask if we can. To wash our hands. […]

Steady Book Extract Published Exclusively in The Guardian

So very pleased to see an extract of my new book published in The Guardian today : Coronavirus is an existential crisis that comes from an awareness of your own freedoms | Dr Sarb Johal

One year since my Livestream on the Psychology of the Coronavirus Pandemic

One year ago today, I held my first YouTube livestream on psychology, mental health and the coronavirus pandemic #covid19nz Here’s the link: Psychology of the Coronavirus Outbreak | 2019 – nCoV

4-Step Guide to Increasing the Use of the Covid Tracer App

Are we just talking about complacency? Dictionary.com’s definition of complacency is “a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like; self-satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing situation, condition, etc”. If we were looking at a behavioural example of what complacency looks like when trying to […]

Covid-19 case in Northland – Keep using the QR code

The investigations into a case in Northland is likely to cause concern and spark anxiety and / or worry for many people. It’s probably going to be a couple of days before authorities gather enough information to make firm decisions about what meaningful action to take next. In trying to figure out what you can do […]

“Steady” Featured in the NZ Listener 4 Page Spread

Today, Jan 22 2021, is publication day for my book. “Steady: Keeping Calm in a World Gone Viral” A Guide to Better Mental Health Through and Beyond the Coronavirus Pandemic is out today. Just waiting a few hours for it to go live as the servers around the world catch up to Jan 22. In […]

4 Day eBook Pre-Order Sale on Amazon for my New Book – Steady STARTS NOW

For the next 4 days, my eBook will be discounted to US$2.99 on Amazon globally on pre-order. That’s over 60% off With the UK in lockdown, and the virus continuing to spread rapidly globally, we are not through this pandemic yet.  We know that looking after our mental health is important not only in crisis, […]

Steady – now available for pre-order globally in paperback and ebook: links

It’s exciting to be able to let you know that my upcoming book is now available for global pre-order in both paperback and ebook formats. And of course, you can still buy it directly from me right here on my website. It’s loaded up into bookseller catalogues, so if you prefer to buy from an […]

My First Book is Coming: Steady – Keeping Calm in a World Gone Viral

For the past 6 months I have been busy. As well as a number of other projects, creating videos, scripts, and more, I have been writing a book. My first book. And it was ambitious. What started as an attempt to document what I did during the first lockdowns in New Zealand to advise the […]