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How Quickly can the UK Variant of the Coronavirus Spread in a School Environment?

The latest Auckland outbreak and the associated Level 3 restrictions can give us a clue as to just how transmissible the UK variant of the coronavirus can be in a school environment. This concerns me. The big bang approach to schools re-opening in England on March 8 was first going to be supported with mandatory […]

How do 3-4 year olds think about hide and seek?

Have you played hide and seek with a small child and found them in seconds as they sit in the middle of the room with their eyes covered, convinced that you can’t see them? In this episode, I talk with Asst Professor Henrike Moll, in the Department of Psychology at the University of Southern California […]

Father’s parenting stress and toddler language development

In this episode, I talk with Associate Professor Claire Vallotton of Michigan State University in the USA. We talk about the relationship father’s parenting stress and language and cognitive development. Claire’s original paper can be found here: Here is the abstract for some context: Despite numerous studies on parenting stress suggesting negative influences on parent–child […]

How Much Screen Time Is Too Much?

From the beginning of the time that coronavirus hit, the usual script of family life was entirely re-written. And that probably meant all the rules around screen time too. 

Surviving the Holiday Season

Over the holidays, thousands of adults return to their childhood homes and spontaneously turn back into adolescents. Find out how dinner with the in-laws over the holiday season might upset your digestive balance, and read my tips for preparing for what can be an intense period over the holiday season.