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How Much Screen Time Is Too Much?

From the beginning of the time that coronavirus hit, the usual script of family life was entirely re-written. And that probably meant all the rules around screen time too. 

How do 3-4 year olds think about hide and seek?

The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind By Daniel J. Siegel, Tina Payne Bryson Buy on Amazon Have you played hide and seek with a small child and found them in seconds as they sit in the middle of the room with their eyes covered, convinced that you can’t see […]

Father’s parenting stress and toddler language development

Hacking Parenthood: 10 Mantras You Can Use Daily to Reduce the Stress of Parenting (Hack Learning Series) (Volume 14) By Kimberley Moran Buy on Amazon In this episode, I talk with Associate Professor Claire Vallotton of Michigan State University in the USA. We talk about the relationship father’s parenting stress and language and cognitive development. […]