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Webinar: 6 May 12pm NZT

I’m doing a webinar next Wednesday 6th May at 12pm NZT. I’ll outline the main points from the Framework for Psychosocial Support published by the Ministry of Health in 2016, and how this translates to a new New Zealand Government Psychosocial Response Framework for COVID-19 – drawing upon what I’ve learned from the past 14 years working in Disaster Mental Health and Emergency Management and my experiences as a psychologist and policy maker.

Why do people criticise emergency services and their decisions following a disaster?

Why have we seen such criticisms of the emergency response and the decision to delay recovery rather than take immediate action after the Whakaari / White Island volcanic eruption? Why do some people they they can make better decisions that the Police and other authorities? To understand this better, we need to think about how and why we might feel the need to make decisions for other people.

Do teachers believe in “neuromyths” just as much as everyone else?

There are some commonly held misconceptions in the general public about how the brain works and how it affects how we learn – these are often called “neuromyths.” We know that the general public can fall prey to these much of the time, but what about our educators? And if teachers believe in these neuromyths, […]

Emoji and emoticons: Do we mimic what we see?

The Emoji Code: The Linguistics Behind Smiley Faces and Scaredy Cats By Vyvyan Evans Buy on Amazon In this episode, I talk with Dr Michael Philipp of the School of Psychology, Massey University in New Zealand. We talk about his recent study on emoji and emoticons in computer-based communications. Michael’s original abstract can be found here on p.51: […]