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The Psychological Impacts of Quarantine – What They Are and How to Help

The spread and impact of the novel coronavirus has seen the implementation of various forms of managed isolation and / or quarantine arrangements (MIQ) around the world. This blogpost is all about the different psychological impacts that being in quarantine can have on people, what the causes might be, and what we can do to help minimise those impacts.

1747 people talk about their experience taking antidepressants

Psych Meds Made Simple: How & Why They Do What They Do By Ashley L Peterson Buy on Amazon About 1 in 9 adult New Zealanders receive a prescription for antidepressants each year. Although we think they are generally helpful for people, we know surprisingly little about what it might be like to take them. […]

How climate change affects us mentally and socially, whether you believe in it or not

Being the Change: A New Kind of Climate Documentary Starring Peter Kalmus, Ed Begley Jr., Mike Farrell Buy on Amazon When you think about climate change- psychology and mental health may not be the first thing that you think of. However, the two are very much connected. As well as possible mental health disorders such […]