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You’re Overconfident About Your Ability to Remember: Use the Covid-19 Tracer App

You’ll remember exactly where you’ve been and who you’ve been in contact with over the last two weeks, won’t you?  “Of course I will!”, I hear you reply.  If the actual rate of use of the NZ Covid-19 app is anything to go by, lots of people think they’ll remember. The abysmal tanking in its […]

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a key discovery about how human memory is related to motion

In this episode, I talk with Mark Schurgin, Graduate Fellow based in the Visual Thinking Lab at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA. We talk about Mark’s work combining his experience and knowledge of vision research memory, investigating how basic knowledge that we have about how the world works – our ‘core knowledge’ supports our memory about objects. […]