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6 Tips to Help You Stick to Alert Level Guidance

In conditions of uncertainty, or when we are not entirely sure how to act or what to think, we look to others for cues on what we should be doing. This is where we all need to act as leaders. To practise physical distancing, to wear a mask if we can. To wash our hands. […]

Remember the Canterbury Earthquake Rollercoaster? Covid19 is a Rollercoaster too

I remember back to when I first started pushing back in Central Government on NZ on the idea  that the Canterbury Earthquake recovery would be done in 2 years. This was the conversation that was happening in rooms in which I was being asked to provide advice, and appearing in documents too. One of the […]

Words Matter: How Communication Becomes Critical in Tackling Covid-19

I REMEMBER CLEARLY saying to Sarah, my wife, in March 2020: “This is going to last a long time. My intention is to stick to the pillars of Structure and Empathy to guide the response and communication of it. I’m going to need your help. If I stray too far from that, can I please […]

“Steady” Featured in the NZ Listener 4 Page Spread

Today, Jan 22 2021, is publication day for my book. “Steady: Keeping Calm in a World Gone Viral” A Guide to Better Mental Health Through and Beyond the Coronavirus Pandemic is out today. Just waiting a few hours for it to go live as the servers around the world catch up to Jan 22. In […]

Lockdown Relief: STRUCTURE your day for better mental wellbeing

When all your days feel like they are blending into one it can feel difficult to tell days apart Here’s how to get some STRUCTURE back and how to get your 5 Ways to Wellbeing in too. It will really help in supporting your mental health.