Consulting & Workshops

In challenging times, communication is vital.

I offer both 1:1 consultancy support and group workshops to help leaders communicate more effectively, build organisational resilience, support staff through challenging times, and heal relationship rifts in the aftermath of crisis.

Effective communication in a crisis

For leaders, the question is not whether you will face a crisis – it’s WHEN

When crisis strikes, strong leadership is crucial. Your people look to you for guidance and reassurance. In an unprecedented or evolving situation, you may feel unsure what to say or ill-prepared to lead.

I work with leaders facing unexpected crises to help you support and guide your people through tough times. When we work together, you will learn how to:

  • Create a simple, clear and empathetic communications strategy, so that your people know exactly what is asked of them and why.
  • Understand the different stages of psychological response to a crisis, so you can match your message to the needs of your people in the moment.
  • Use empathy and where appropriate, a touch of humour, to build connection, strike the right tone and ensure your people feel heard and understood.
    Counter misinformation, so you can ensure your message gets heard.
  • Create a sense of common purpose and unity, so that your people work together to overcome this challenge.
  • Help your people stay focused and positive, despite ongoing stress and setbacks.
  • Heal relationships and rebuild trust.

Together, we can transform your unprecedented crisis into an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution, build a stronger, more resilient team or organisation and leave a lasting legacy.

For more information or to discuss your needs, please get in touch.

What they’re saying

“We sought Sarb’s expert advice [regarding] the psychology of communicating important health messages during the Covid-19 pandemic. We needed to connect with many different parts of New Zealand society in a way that was reassuring, cultivated trust and inspired strong uptake of health messaging and behaviours
Sarb helped us strike the right tone, ensuring New Zealanders knew exactly what they needed to do…. Sarb proved the value of having someone with his expertise embedded in a communications team, particularly in life/death/crisis communications.”

Organisational resilience & crisis support

In ordinary times, we can kid ourselves that we won’t be touched by disaster. And then the phone rings, a storm hits, the ground shakes or a gun fires – and your organisation is suddenly plunged into crisis mode. How will you lead? How will your people cope? How will you take care of your clients in times of chaos and uncertainty?

From the Christchurch earthquakes to the Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve helped leaders, teams and organisations prepare for and navigate unexpected challenges with greater wellbeing, resilience and equanimity.

In good times, I’ll help you foster organisational resilience by creating an environment where people are empowered to build their own capacity. When tough times strike, I offer strategic advice, workshops and webinars full of useful tips to support you and your staff through the evolving situation.

I have led workshops and webinars on a range of topics, including:

    • Thriving workplaces – I share proven techniques to help staff leverage their unique strengths to enhance productivity, manage everyday stress and supercharge workplace satisfaction.
    • Organisational resilience – I facilitate workshops that empower individuals to enhance their own coping skills and resources, bring staff and stakeholders together for a common purpose and build resilient teams and organisations.
    • Supporting frontline workers during an acute or extended crisis – I share useful tips and tools for managing personal stress at home and in the workplace, dealing with stressed clients, supporting emotional and mental wellbeing and living well with ongoing uncertainty.
    • Thriving in uncertain times – tips and techniques drawn from evidence-informed psychosocial recovery practices to help individuals, families and teams navigate tough times at work and at home.
    • Supporting children through crisis and beyond

My workshops and webinars are bespoke to your needs and full of real life examples that will engage and inspire your team, enhance connections and spark meaningful conversations.

Drop me a line below and let’s talk about building your team’s capacity for the tough times.

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Teams + Relationships

In the aftermath of a crisis, the damage to a team or an organisation can run deep. Blame, judgement and mistrust can lead to deep and lasting rifts.

It takes courage to shine a light on facts we would rather forget, to take responsibility for our part, to make amends or find forgiveness.

I’ve worked with organisations recovering from traumatic events, to create safe spaces for honest conversation and healing. I’ve facilitated restorative processes between staff and management, and between layers of an organisation.

The work is tough, but the rewards are rich. To discuss your needs in confidence, please get in touch.

Work with Me

What they’re saying

“Sarb makes a real positive difference in people’s lives at times when they need it most. His expertise and guidance (often requested at short notice) has helped us ensure that individuals and communities affected by adverse events get the right support.

One of Sarb’s great strengths is his ability to relate easily to people, to help them make sense of what is going on and to support their recovery with practical advice. We never hesitate to call Sarb when faced with a crisis.”