Who cares? What’s the point?



I also run a podcast…

You can find this on all the usual places you get podcast, like iTunes.

The purpose of the podcast is to track down cutting edge psychology researchers from around the world publishing thought-provoking research about why we behave the way we do.

We have so many talented researchers around the globe, all trying to understand how the mind works and how we can harness its full potential for the benefit of ourselves, the people around us and the planet. But, because of the way the science system works we have ended up with a gigantic amount of untapped knowledge about how the mind and brain works, that sits unused in dusty journals on University library shelves – because very few people read them.

Partly this is down to access – more often than not, you have to pay to read these. But partly its because, well, why would you bother? They tend to be dry, soulless publications, written by academics for academics.

This podcasts changes that. When I was a PhD student, one of the slides me and a few of my fellow students included in every presentation we did said this; ‘Who cares? What’s the point?” This encouraged us to really double down and focus on why anyone should care about the research we were doing. This podcast will do the same thing. I will invite psychologists from around the world to tell us briefly about their research, and then I will prompt them to answer those two questions – who cares? And what’s the point, focusing on the possible implications of their work. This way, you get to hear stories about how the brain works, without putting your mind to sleep.

I’ve now left my academic position at Massey University, so I can’t get hold of journal articles like I used to. But you can find the 40+ episodes I have done here.